NWSL all-time leaders
A closer look at the all-time NWSL stat leaders
Seattle Reign FC defender Lauren Barnes and midfielder Christine Nairn recently celebrated their 100th regular season NWSL game. (Photo credit: Andy Mead/isiphotos.com)
Seattle Reign FC defender Lauren Barnes and midfielder Christine Nairn recently celebrated their 100th regular season NWSL game. (Photo credit: Andy Mead/isiphotos.com)

By Ben Meyer-Abbott

Seattle Reign defender Lauren Barnes and midfielder Christine Nairn became the first players in NWSL history to make 100 appearances in the league earlier this month.

Barnes, 28, and Nairn, 26, have featured in the NWSL since its inaugural season in 2013 – with the defender taken by the Reign with the No. 10 overall selection in 2013 NWSL Supplemental Draft and the midfielder chosen by Seattle with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2014 NWSL College Draft.

Barnes has spent her entire NWSL career with the Reign, scoring two goals and notching five assists. Nairn played for Seattle in 2013 before being traded to the Washington Spirit, where she spent three seasons before the Reign reacquired prior to the 2017 campaign. She has 18 goals and 16 assists.

The pair have enjoyed standout careers in the league – with Barnes named to the NWSL Best XI in 2015 and 2016 and was also named the 2016 NWSL Defender of the Year, while Nairn has etched her name on the leader boards of numerous all-time categories and also scored the first goal in club history for Seattle.

FC Kansas City defender Brittany Taylor was the third player to reach the century mark, and she was followed by Courage midfielder McCall Zerboni (100 appearances). FC Kansas City’s Nicole Barnhart (98 appearances) leads all goalkeepers and ranks fifth all-time in the category.


  1. Christine Nairn (103 games)
  2. Lauren Barnes (103 games)
  3. Brittany Taylor (102 games)
  4. Mc Call Zerboni (100 games)
  5. Nicole Barnhart  (98 games)
  6. Angela Salem (97 games)
  7. Jasmyne Spencer  (96 games)
  8. Allie Long (95 games)
  9. Merrit Matthias  (95 games)
  10. Jessica McDonald (94 games)




Taylor tops the table for most minutes in league history with 9,180, followed by Barnes (8,874), Barnhart (8,775), Zerboni (8,502) and Nairn (8,354). Barnes and Barnhart have all played every minute of their NWSL career for one club – while Zerboni has logged her time with four different clubs – the Western New York Flash, Thorns, Boston Breakers and Courage.

  1. Brittany Taylor (9,180 minutes)
  2. Lauren Barnes (8,874 minutes)
  3. Nicole Barnhart (8,775minutes)
  4. McCall Zerboni (8,502 minutes)
  5. Christine Nairn (8,354 minutes)
  6. Jess Fishlock (8,229 minutes)
  7. Allie Long (8,190 minutes)
  8. Julie King (8,115 minutes)
  9. Angela Salem (7,988 minutes)
  10. Tori Huster (7,962 minutes)




Sky Blue forward Samantha Kerr tops all-time scoring chart with 41 goals over five seasons in the league – including 11 this season. She is unique in the fact that the Australia international is the only player to score at least 15 goals for two separate clubs (Western New York and Sky Blue).


Five players have reached the 30-goal milestone – with North Carolina forward Jessica McDonald (33 goals), Chicago Red Stars forward Christen Press (33 goals), former Reign midfielder Kim Little (32 goals) and Long (30 goals) joining Kerr in that elite club. Sixteen players have scored at least 20 goals during their NWSL careers – with Seattle forwards Megan Rapinoe and Beverly Yanez as well as Houston Dash forward Kealia Ohai, Orlando Pride forward Alex Morgan and FC Kansas City forwards Amy Rodriguez and Sydney Leroux all reaching the plateau in 2017.


Rapinoe (27 goals) and Portland teammates Christine Sinclair (28 goals) and Nadia Nadim (26 goals) as well as Houston midfielder Carli Lloyd (27 goals) and Pride forward Alex Morgan (26 goals) are the next players poised to take the step up to the 30-goal mark.


  1. Samantha Kerr (41 goals)
  2. Jessica McDonald (33 goals)
  3. Christen Press (33 goals)
  4. Kim Little (32 goals)
  5. Allie Long (30 goals)
  6. Christine Sinclair (28 goals)
  7. Megan Rapinoe (27 goals)
  8. Carli Lloyd (27 goals)
  9. Nadia Nadim (26 goals)
  10. Alex Morgan (26 goals)




Former FC Kansas City midfielder Lauren Holiday retired following the 2015 season, but in a testament to her what she was able to accomplish during her career she remains the all-time NWSL leader in assists with 18.


That is expected to change in the coming weeks with Sky Blue defender Kelley O’Hara (17 assists) and Chicago midfielder Vanessa DiBernardo (17 assists) and Nairn (16 assists) ready to make the record their own. Heather O’Reilly, who spent time with the Breakers and FC Kansas City, as well as Little both tallied 16 helpers during their career – while Seattle midfielder Jess Fishlock (15 assists) sits right behind them on the all-time list.


  1. Lauren Holiday (18 assists)
  2. Kelley O’Hara (17 assists)
  3. Vanessa DiBernardo (17 assists)
  4. Heather O’Reilly (16 assists)
  5. Kim Little (16 assists)
  6. Christine Nairn (16 assists)
  7. Jess Fishlock (15 assists)
  8. Alex Morgan (14 assists)
  9. Nahomi Kawasumi (14 assists)
  10. Sam Kerr (14 assists)
  11. Tobin Heath (14 assists)




Kerr’s spectacular 2017 season has seen her claim several records – including the most points in NWSL history as she moved past Little (48 points) for first on the all-time list. The Sky Blue striker’s 55 career points are six more than any other active player in the league – with McDonald (45) and Long (43) the closest to challenging her hold on the category.

Goals + Assists
  1. Sam Kerr (55 points)
  2. Kim Little (48 points)
  3. Jessica McDonald (45 points)
  4. Allie Long (43  points)
  5. Lauren Holiday (40 points)
  6. Alex Morgan (40 points)
  7. Christen Press (38 points)
  8. Megan Rapinoe (36 points)
  9. Carli Lloyd (35 points)
  10. Christine Nairn (35 points)
  11. Diana Matheson (35 points)



Minutes per goal/assist/point


Former Western New York Flash forward and U.S. international Abby Wambach left an indelible mark on the NWSL. Not only was she a key figure during the first years of the league’s existence, but to this day she tops all other players (who have played at least 1,500 minutes) is pair of categories.


Her 211 minutes per assist ranks first all-time ahead of Holiday (230 minutes per assist), Portland midfielder Tobin Heath (232 minutes per assist) and Reign forward Nahomi Kawasumi (275 minutes per assist).


Wambach is also the only person in league history (with at least 1,500 minutes) to average a point per 90 minutes with her astonishing 87 minutes per point out of reach of all but the league’s most elite players.


Someone like, say, five-time FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Marta – who is averaging a point per 93.5 minutes, but has not logged the required 1,500 minutes to appear on the all-time list. (She sits at 1,496 after being subbed out in the 83rd minute of the Pride’s 2-1 win over the Breakers last week.)


On the scoring side, no one in NWSL history can match Rodriguez – who has averaged a goal every 141 minutes. Although, Kerr (145 minutes per goal), Rapinoe (146 minutes per goal) have been spectacular in 2017 and could make a run at taking the crown away from the two-time NWSL champion. As could Marta, once she reaches 1,500 minutes. Through 1,496 minutes, she averages a goal every 136 minutes.


Minutes Per Goal
  1. Amy Rodriguez (141)
  2. Sam Kerr (145)
  3. Megan Rapinoe (146)
  4. Christen Press (148)
  5. Abby Wambach (149)
  6. Jodie Taylor (151)
  7. Nadia Nadim (172)
  8. Monica Ocampa (172)
  9. Kim Little (173)
  10. Lauren Holiday (188)
Minutes Per Assist
  1. Abby Wambach (211)
  2. Lauren Holiday (230)
  3. Tobin Heath (232)
  4. Vicky Losada (271)
  5. Nahomi Kawasumi (275)
  6. Makenzy Doniak (317)
  7. Kim Little (347)
  8. Lynn Williams (348)
  9. Alex Morgan (350)
  10. Kelley O’Hara (355)


Minutes Per Point
  1. Abby Wambach (87)
  2. Lauren Holiday (104)
  3. Amy Rodriguez (104)
  4. Sam Kerr (108)
  5. Megan Rapinoe (110)
  6. Kim Little (116)
  7. Nahomi Kawasumi (120)
  8. Alex Morgan (123)
  9. Nadia Nadim (128)
  10. Christen Press (129)



FC Kansas City goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart has put together one of the most distinguished careers in NWSL history – which includes topping the leader boards of numerous categories, including shutouts, saves and wins.


Barnhart is one of two players in league history with more than 300 saves – with 356for her career. The next closest goalkeepers in saves compared with Barnhart are Chicago goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher (302) and Orlando net minder Ashlyn Harris (286). The next highest-ranked active player is Portland goalkeeper Adrianna Franch with 185 saves, who is currently seventh all-time.


  1. Nicole Barnhart (356 saves)
  2. Alyssa Naeher (302 saves)
  3. Ashlyn Harris (286 saves)
  4. Erin McLeod (207 saves)
  5. Karina LeBlanc (196 saves)
  6. Hope Solo (186 saves)
  7. Adrianna Franch (185 saves)
  8. Haley Kopmeyer (183 saves)
  9. Brittany Cameron (180 saves)
  10. Kelsey Wys (143 saves)




Barnhart is also far and away the all-time leader in shutouts with 36 clean sheets so far during her NWSL career – twice the number of Franch (18 shutouts), the next closest goalkeeper in the category.

  1. Nicole Barnhart (36 shutouts)
  2. Adrianna Franch (18 shutouts)
  3. Alyssa Naeher (16 shutouts)
  4. Karina LeBlanc (14 shutouts)
  5. Brittany Cameron (14 shutouts)
  6. Ashlyn Harris (11 shutouts)
  7. Haley Kopmeyer (11 shutouts)
  8. Hope Solo (11 shutouts)
  9. Katelyn Rowland (9 shutouts)
  10. Erin McLeod (8 shutouts)


Goals against average


North Carolina goalkeeper Katelyn Rowland tops the all-time list for goals against average with her 0.80 GAA edging out Franch (0.87 GAA) and Red Stars goalkeeper Michele Dalton (0.95 GAA).

  1. Katelyn Rowland (.080 GAA)
  2. Adrianna Franch (0.87 GAA)
  3. Michele Dalton (0.95 GAA)
  4. Hope Solo (1.02 GAA)
  5. Karina LeBlanc (1.10 GAA)
  6. Nicole Barnhart (1.13 GAA)
  7. Brittany Cameron (1.24 GAA)
  8. Haley Kopmeyer (1.30 GAA)
  9. Caroline Stanley (1.31 GAA)
  10. Biana Henninger (1.36 GAA)






Barnhart is one win away from becoming the first NWSL goalkeeper to reach the 40-win milestone. Naeher will almost certainly join the FC Kansas City legend as the only net minders with at least 30 wins as she currently has 26 victories – tied with former Reign goalkeeper Hope Solo for second all-time.

  1. Nicole Barnhart (42 wins)
  2. Alyssa Naeher (26 wins)
  3. Hope Solo (26 wins)
  4. Ashlyn Harris (23 wins)
  5. Karina LeBlanc (22 wins)
  6. Haley Kopmeyer (22 wins)
  7. Adrianna Franch (22 wins)
  8. Michelle Betos (16 wins)
  9. Brittany Cameron (14 wins)
  10. Kelsey Wys (14 wins)




Naeher and Barnhart are the only two players in league history with more than 30 losses.

  1. Alyssa Naeher (35 losses)
  2. Nicole Barnhart (33 losses)
  3. Ashlyn Harris (29 losses)
  4. Erin McLeod (22 losses)
  5. Lydia Williams (19 losses)
  6. Michelle Betos (16 losses)
  7. Brittany Cameron (15 losses)
  8. Karina LeBlanc (13 losses)
  9. Hope Solo (13 losses)
  10. Sabrina D’Angelo (12 losses)




Barnhart has also massed the most draws in league history – with Orlando goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris second all-time ahead of both former Portland net minder Karina LeBlanc and Franch.


  1. Nicole Barnhart (23 draws)
  2. Ashlyn Harris (16 draws)
  3. Karina LeBlanc (15 draws)
  4. Adrianna Franch (15 draws)
  5. Brittany Cameron (14 draws)
  6. Alyssa Naeher (14 draws)
  7. Haley Kopmeyer (12 draws)
  8. Erin McLeod (11 draws)
  9. Hope Solo (11 draws)
  10. Nadine Angerer (9 draws)
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