NWSL announces dispersal draft order and available players
The 2018 Dispersal Draft will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. ET
NWSL logo (Photo credit: Jose L. Argueta/isiphotos.com)
NWSL logo (Photo credit: Jose L. Argueta/isiphotos.com)

On Monday afternoon, the NWSL announced the order for Tuesday’s dispersal draft, in which players from the Boston Breakers will be available for selection by the league’s nine teams. The NWSL also announced the players that will be available for selection in the dispersal draft. All players were given until Noon ET Monday to opt out of the draft and pursue opportunities outside the NWSL after the Breakers ceased operations on Sunday.


The draft will be a “snake” draft, meaning the order of the picks will reverse after each round. The first round will be picks 1 through 9 and then the second round will be 9 through 1, and so on. It will take place on Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. ET.


The draft order was selected by NWSL managing director Amanda Duffy at the NWSL office in Chicago shortly after 10 a.m. ET on an internal live stream that all teams were able to watch. The order was determined by a random weighted draw. Each team that did not make the playoffs in 2017 had their name put into two envelopes and each 2017 playoff team’s name was put into one envelope, meaning there were 14 total envelopes. Each envelope was then then pulled randomly out of a bowl to determine the draft order. If a team was selected twice, the second selection was ignored, as the team was already placed in the order.


Dispersal Draft Order:


  1. Sky Blue FC
  2. Washington Spirit
  3. Seattle Reign FC
  4. Portland Thorns FC
  5. Utah Royals FC
  6. Houston Dash
  7. Chicago Red Stars
  8. Orlando Pride
  9. North Carolina Courage


Teams will be allowed to trade their picks in the draft until 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday. The NWSL will then release a final dispersal draft order. The dispersal draft will take place at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday.


On Sunday, the NWSL shared the rules of the draft and the related roster rules for the 2018 season:

Draft Rules

Assets available via draft include the following:

  • Players under contract with NWSL whose rights are assigned to Boston (including allocated players)
  • Players whose rights are controlled by Boston (including retired players)
  • Rights to players on Boston’s Discovery List


The Dispersal Draft will last until all teams have passed or no players or other assets are available for selection.


  • Each team will have two (2) minutes to make its selection.
  • No time-outs will be permitted.
  • Teams may not make trades during the draft.
  • Teams are permitted to “pass” when it is their turn to make a selection. Once a team has passed on a selection, the team forfeits the remainder of its selections in the dispersal draft.


Roster Rules:


For the 2018 season, NWSL roster size will remain unchanged, with a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 20 players required for each club.


Contracted players (including allocated players) and 2018 College Draft picks selected via the Dispersal Draft will not count against the club’s official 18-20 player roster for the 2018 season, and teams may add up to a total of four (4) players. They will not count against the club’s salary cap for the 2018 season, and housing and auto expenses will not count against the Permitted Team Assistance Cap. Teams will be responsible for all additional salary and Permitted Team Assistance expenses for contracted players and 2018 draftees selected in the Dispersal Draft.


Players on Boston’s Discovery list and retired players whose rights are selected and go on to sign a standard player agreement will count against the club’s official 18-20 player roster for the 2018 season. These players will also count against the club’s salary cap for the 2018 season, and all expenses will count against the Permitted Team Assistance Cap.


Any team requiring an international roster spot for a contracted player and 2018 draftee selected will receive an additional international spot, which will stay with the player if traded during the current season.


Any player participating the Dispersal Draft who is not selected will immediately become discovery eligible.


2018 Dispersal Draft – Available Players Contracted Players

Addo, Elizabeth (INTL – GHA)

Andrews, Morgan

Chapman, Allysha (FED – CAN)

Dowd, Hayley

Dowie, Natasha (INTL – ENG)

Elby, Brooke

Frisbie, Amanda

King, Julie

Lavelle, Rose (FED – USA)

Leon, Adriana (INTL – CAN)

Okvist, Lotta (INTL – SWE)

Onomonu, Ifeoma

Oyster, Megan

Prudhomme, Sammy Jo

Purce, Margaret

Salem, Angela

Smith, Abby

Stengel, Katie

Weimer, Tiffany

Westphal, Christen

White, Rosie (INTL – NZL)

2018 College Draft Picks

Boyles, Joanna

McCaskill, Savannah

Miller, Ashton

Wenger, Elizabeth

Retired Players

DaCosta, Amanda

Elston, Lindsay

Engen, Whitney

Pathman, Mollie

Schillgard, Louise (INTL – SWE)

Simon, Kyah (INTL – AUS)

Discovery Players



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