Sister, Sister: Tori and Maddie Huster make NWSL history
Tori and Maddie are the first sister duo on the same team in NWSL history
Tori and Maddie Huster are  getting their chance to play together for the Washington Spirit on Friday night.
Tori and Maddie Huster are getting their chance to play together for the Washington Spirit on Friday night.

Sisters Tori and Maddie Huster have dinner together every night, although now it isn’t back home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Husters are the first sisters to ever play on the same NWSL team and currently play for the Washington Spirit. Tori has been with the Spirit since the 2013 Supplemental Draft. She was the club’s second pick and has been with the Spirit ever since. She is the longest tenured Spirit player and on March 24 of this year she made her 100th career NWSL appearance.

On the other hand, her little sister Maddie was recently signed as a national team replacement player after being selected by the Spirit with the sixth pick in the third round at the 2018 NWSL College Draft. She has been playing on the Spirit’s reserve team for multiple seasons.

The two make a point of having dinner together every night now after training, although Tori is still fine-tuning Maddie’s rice cooking skills.

“Maddie, when she was growing up, didn’t know how to cook rice, so I have definitely taught her how to do that. We have dinner together every night, and that has been something I look forward to every single night,” Tori told NWSL Media.

This is the first time the sisters have ever played on an organized team together, mainly due to the large age gap. Tori is 28 and Maddie is 22.

“I think that growing up we were so far apart in age and it was always hard. I mean we were just in different parts of our lives and now it has come in full circle. We’re doing the same thing, living in the same house again, and I think we couldn’t be closer,” Tori said.

“I used to laugh it off when people would ask me if Tori and I could ever play together, because it seemed like it could never happen, so for that to become a reality is pretty unreal,” Maddie said.

The only time they would kick the ball around would be when Tori would come back home for vacation or breaks from soccer.

“A lot of times our dad would take us out and practice. … Maddie would tag along if I was back from college or something. We would shoot at Indian Hill. But really, it was either down in the basement or at our local [field] just having fun, honing skills and doing fitness. And having Maddie beat me at all the fitness tests,” Tori laughed.

Naturally, siblings are competitive. But here, add into the equation the same sport and it gets elevated to another level.

“I think we came out of the womb competitive, as weird as that may sound,” Tori said and the sisters laughed.

“Tori is a bit more fiery,” Maddie chimed in.

“Yeah, I think that covers it. Maddie reigns it in a little bit more, and is probably more effective with it,” Tori said.

And although competitiveness may be in the Huster genes, both of them also recognize and admire one another for having different skills.

“I think that Tori has been incredibly versatile on every team that she has been on and I think that speaks to her knowledge of the game as well as her well-rounded skillset,” Maddie said. “I’ve always been very jealous of Tori’s athletic ability. She is much faster than I am and has an insane jumping ability! She can win any ball in the air over anyone no matter how much taller they may be.”

Tori has played in eight of the Spirit’s game this season and recorded six starts.

“I think from my perspective and watching her grow up, I would say just watching Maddie make her teammates better. She is a very technical player, but she brings leadership to any team she’s been on. She can grab the weakest player and make them better, whether that be with her words or with how she plays. She’s much flashier than I am and she has a great vision going forward. She can finish with both feet which I don’t think I could do,” Tori said.

Maddie joins the Spirit after playing four seasons at Wake Forest University in the midfield. She finished her senior season with four goals and two assists, and her college career with 10 goals and eight assists. She has been playing on the reserve team and admitted that it has been a challenge, but if anyone has helped her through the tough days it has been her big sister.

“I think I have definitely been able to learn from Tori. I think her main advice has been to be patient and to keep working hard and luckily that has paid off this week which has been nice.”

The Huster sisters and the Spirit will face Sky Blue FC on Friday night before the NWSL takes the rest of the FIFA break off.

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